My All Time Eurovision Top 100: 20-11

With one week to go, I am now into my top 20 and their are some classics and some WTF! entries.  Enjoy this and check back tomorrow for My All Time Top Ten.

  1. “Sing Little Birdie”- Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson- United Kingdom, 1959

Ito my top 20 and the first song is from my home country United Kingdom.  This is the ultimate song for me from the U.K.  I adore this song.

It is so sweet and innocent but extremely catchy, it is so of its era and can show that even more than 50 years later a song from the early years of the contest can resonate with fans whose mothers and fathers weren’t born yet.

Pearl and Teddy are the perfect, quintessential duet, they are typically British in the prim and proper sense of the meaning and I feel this is the main reason that this done so well and ended up the Runner-up.  No other U.K. song comes close to this one for me.  If I could go back to that time I would.  It was the first and original of the U.K.’s 15 second place entries.

“Britain’s original Songbirds”

  1. “Gwendolyne”- Julio Iglesias- Spain, 1970

Before he was a Successful recording artist and father to another successful singer, Julio was an inspiring goalkeeper for Real Madrid Castilla before he was in a tragic car accident.  The aftermath of that meant that Julio was unable to go back to football and therefore turned to his other love, Music.

Not that well known as a recording artist when Julio entered the Spanish National final with the emotive ballad “Gwendolyne”, he soon became a household name after scoring his first chart hit at home.

I adore Julio’s voice, and it works so well with this style of music.  I have to say that although I had heard of him, I never really listened to his music before realising he was a past contestant.  His performance was good in Amsterdam, although I don’t feel he was all there during his live performance, which ultimately lead him to finish fourth.  Still it is my favourite song from a contest that many thought would have been the last one.

“In with a sporting chance”

  1. “Telegram”- Silver Convention- Germany, 1977

Yes!! It’s ’77 again.

Disco, whacky outfits and even stranger choreography.  What else do you need for Eurovision?

Germany had a few years of less than successful entries, so when Silver Convention was selected the country had great expectations that this would bring their first win in the competition.

Silver Convention came to Prominence Worldwide two years previous when they scored two big hits in the U.S.A and Canada with the songs Fly, Robin, Fly and Get Up and Boogie.  But as we know from looking back on contest, success in charts or a big name artist doesn’t bring Eurovision success.  This was the case for these girls.  It really is a shame that this song didn’t make the top 5.  It is a great example of Euro-Disco and was a big hit all over the continent after the continent and is now a lost classic of the contest in my opinion.

“A musical Telegram STOP.”

  1. “Paradies, Wo Bist Du?”- Ulla Weisner- Germany, 1965

Now I love an underdog, and this is the perfect underdog for me.  This is my first and only Nul pointer on my lst and I culdnt have picked a better one.

It was one lonely quiet summer, with nothing to do but read and go for walks that I fell in love with this song.

In 2014 during my long 5 months of waiting between University semesters I had to fill my time.  I looked more into the contest and more into years that I really didn’t know much about.  One of those years was 1965, the year Italy finally hosted, and the contest really came into the 20th century.

I remember the first time I heard the opening bars of this song I though, ‘What is this?’, it was so futuristic and interesting, something I didn’t expect from a song in the 1960’s.  This song was so adventurous and unique that I feel that is the main reason it didn’t garner any points.  Ulla’s voice in the live performance is perfection and really deserved more than it got, or should I say didn’t get.  I guess imagine that the jurors weren’t ready for a song like this.

It is one of those songs that take me back to that summer that I personally found myself as a person, it is a song that is part of my personal soundtrack.

‘I don’t need to look for paradise, it is right here’

  1. “Lusitana Paixao”- Dulce Pontes- Portugal, 1991

1991 is a great contest and showed many countries at their best.  Portugal is one of those.

We all know Portugal don’t have the best history with the contest, but when they do achieve a great result it almost feels like a vctory for them, and 1991 is one of them.

A great song in the Portugese Fado style, sung by the beautiful Dulce Pontes was a great entry for the Iberian nation.   This is a song that is very much of its time, not unlike Malta’s song that year.

It says a lot about the song that it is Portugal 5th best placed song to this day out of the 48 entries they have sent to the contest.

‘A passionate performance from a passionate country’

  1. “Sin Rencor”- Marcos Llunas- Spain, 1997

Another Spanish ballad? Yea I’m a sucker for a ballad, and the fact that it is sung by a handsome man, I just swoon.

I find 1997 a dark year in regards to songs and staging, and I think this was a positive for this entry.  The style of the song along with the moody staging just gives the perfect performance.   Marcos’ voice is so powerful and can hit the falsetto notes with such ease and melts my heart.

When Spain get it right, they get it so right, and they were definitely holding their own in the 90’s, with songs like this.

‘I hope there a no grudges that this makes my list’

  1. “Fiumi Di Parole”- Jalisse- Italy, 1997

1997 Again!  Another song that works well against the dark staging.

Now I will get the obvious similarity to Roxette’s “Listen To Your Heart”, which there definitely is.

It was heavily documented at the time, and there were plagiarism accusations that where dismissed before the contest.  All that said, this song is great on its own merit and I adore it.  I love Hard and soft rock songs, and this gives me that vibe.

Alessandra is one of the greatest voices to grace the Eurovision stage and her performance on the 1997 stage was ultimately the best on the night (in my opinion at least).

Now I understand that Katrina and the Waves brought it on the Night and I will never take it away from them that they won, it felt like a winning song when you watched it.  Yet I believe that this was not only a better song but better staged and should have at least come second.

I do not blame the Italians for getting disillusioned with the contest and leaving it for 14 years.  Although I am happy they returned.

‘A river of words sings a million truths’

  1. “Korake Ti Znam”- Maya Sar- Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2012

2012 is thought of by many fans as one of the best contests in the last 10 years.  I would tend to disagree, apart from a few songs, I really didn’t find the contest enjoyable and I don’t think that more money equals a better contest.  The stage looked spectacular, but I feel like the camera work was flat.

Saying that there were some stand out moments and this is one of them.  The camera work didn’t affect this song and this is mainly due to the style of the song.  This entry harks back to the classic ballads that have built the contest.  A style of music that really is few and far between these days.  Not to say there are not ballads, or good ones at that these days.  This song though is a classic, ethnic ballad with a great vocal.

I can understand Bosnia’s dismay with the contest over the last 5 years, and would not be surprised if they done an Italy and left the fold for more than a decade.

“A step up on the competition”

  1. “A Million In One, Two, Three”- Dream Express- Belgium, 1977

Well I have up to this point shown my love of the 1977 contest and this is the main reason I love that particular contest.

This is my favourite song from that contest and why?  Because it is fun, catchy and has a great dance to accompany it.   Many have dismissed this song over the years as being too childish and silly.  I personally do not see how that is justified, but if you’s all think this too I’ll happy stay in a state of unknowing bliss.

This song summons up 70’s Eurovision for me, fun, adventurous, classy and whacky.  It has to be one of the best decades the contest has lived through and no matter how many ABBA’s or Brother Hood of Men we have been given.  For me Dream Express is 1970’s Eurovision.  It was also good to see Stella from Dream Express come back a seven years after she represent the home nation Netherland along with her sisters and she returned again five years later to give Belgium another great result with her song “Si Tu Aimes Ma Musique” in 1982.

“A million points to Belgium”

  1. “O Meu Coracao Nao Tem Cor”- Lucia Moniz- Portugal, 1996

8 years before she threw Colin Firth in a mucky pond, Lucia Moniz was showing off her vocal talents to the whole of Europe from the Spektrum stage in Oslo.

Portugal are always very patriotic in their approach to the contest, in both the use of their language in recent years to showing their ethnicity and culture in their music.  This entry is of no difference.  It is a great ethnic piece of music, it is catchy in its own way, and Lucia sells it so well.

Portugal have never broken into the top 5 in the contest and this is still the closest they got t that feat, finishing in 6th place.  A deserved 6th place, but honestly Portugal should have won in Oslo, no one performed, sang or brought joy to that stage as much as she did that night, and the fact they couldn’t break the top five always lead me to believe the juries and the EBU didn’t want Portugal to host (cynical I know).  Portugal one day you will be top.

“No lack of colour in this performance”

 Concludes tomorrow with 10-1. 😀



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