Ten Songs That Missed Out On My Top 100.

After the popularity of my Eurovision countdown, which I am so grateful for, I thought I would share with you all the 10 songs that narrowly missed out on being featured.

As I am sure many of you know, Eurovision has produced many great songs and many WTF songs and therefore I am sure you can imagine the difficulty of the challenge I set out for myself earlier this year, a mean feat that took almost 3 months to reach my ultimate top 100.  Therefore It would be criminal to not include some of the songs I felt I need to share with you all, songs I adore which were unlucky at the last moment.


  1. “Ostani Kraj Mene”- Alma & Dejan- Bosnia & Herzegovina, 1994
  1. “Wunder gibt es immer wieder”- Katja Ebstein– Germany, 1970
  1. “De Mallemollen”- Heddy Lester– Netherlands, 1977
  1. “Dincolo Di Nori”- Dan Bittman- Romania, 1994
  1. “Libera”- Mia Martini- Italy, 1977
  1. “La Det Swinge”- Bobbysocks- Norway, 1985
  1. “De Eerste Keer”- Maxine & Franklin Brown- Netherlands, 1996
  1. “Dreamin’ ”- Eddie Friel- Ireland, 1995
  1. “Si Tu Aimes Ma Musique”- Stella- Belgium, 1982
  1. “Nake Mi Ne Svane”- Daneijla- Croatia, 1998


Keep an eye for more post coming this week.


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