Green light for Georgian National Final!

With less than a week until the Georgian National Final, I thought I would shed some light on my favourites.  Who should follow in the footsteps of Nika Kocharov and the Young Georgian Lolitaz,  will Georgia go with a rock song or will they mix it up and send a more upbeat song?  Only Time will tell.

  1. Alisa Danida – “We Are Eternity”

In the studio version, the pronunciation is not great, which doesn’t give me much hope for the live performance.  A nice ballad that builds, but a bit to slowly.  Would have done better 10 years ago.  There is a hook in the chorus, yet it is not strong enough to bring the song Together.  The 80’s guitar should be something I love, it just isn’t powerful enough to grab me.

My score: 4.5/10

  1. Asea Sool- “Nature”

Interesting, almost semi fanfare intro.  Very dramatic vocals, I find it hard to understand the lyrics from the studio version, which doesn’t help me warm to the song.  The track is cheap and doesn’t build enough to make it interesting.  Too theatrical in sound and I am guessing live they may play on that.

My score: 4/10

  1. Andria Gvelesiani- “Revolutionise”

Heartbeat intro leads to heavily accented lyrics that are difficult to understand and don’t help to get you hooked on the song from the start.  The track begins to sound as if it there is a change in tempo coming, but it only teases until the last 30 seconds.  Far too late in the song for it to make any kind of impact.

My score: 3/10

  1. Brandon Stone & Eteri Beriashvilli- “Heyo Song”

The start if this song reminds me of D:Reem’s “ Things can only get better”, especially in the start with Brandon’s part.  It then turns into a 80/90’s R’n’B song in the style of Little Mix’s “Move”.  The thing that separates this song from the ones I have stated are, that this song is a watered-down pastiche of these.  It is not cohesive and for that matter is not a winner for me.

My score: 3/10

  1. Davit Shanidze- “Mtveris Katsi”

From the first note this song reminded me of Jeff Buckley’s “Lilac Wine”, although Davit’s song does liven up and get a bit jazzier with the introduction of a saxophone.  It is the jazzy parts I lose interest in the song and that is not to say I don’t like jazz as a genre.  It is just not appropriate for this song as it makes what could be a very arty song sound dated and cheap.

My score: 4/10

  1. Dima Kobeshavidze- “Scream”

“This is story of my life, and it not makes sense”, the English lyrics are not great.  I love his voic, at least on the studio version, this song is not the best vehicle for it though.  It gives me flashbacks of early Maroon 5, and I didn’t not enjoy that music at all.  It is not terrible, I can’t see it going to Eurovision though.

My score: 5/10

  1. Elene Mikiashvilli- “Fighter”

The production on this song is very cheap, yet it is the first song that I find in any way interesting.  It has a beat which is something missing so far, and you can at least ‘bop’ to it.  If this went to Eurovision, Elene would have to be a “Fighter” as this doesn’t have winner wrote on it.

My score: 6/10

  1. EOS- “Urban Signs”

This sounds a bit like Metallica crossed with The Cranberries.  What can’t be denied is that Georgia are one of those rare countries that can stage rock songs well, we only look back a year to see this.  This song on the other hand is far to dreary a rock ballad to have any sort of impact, even if the staging is stellar.  I can see this putting viewers to sleep.

My score: 3.5/10

  1. Giorgi Chikorani- “Make It Right”

This is a very “middle-of-the-road”, not out of place in a 90’s Rom-Com.  Offensive, this song is not and Giorgi has a decent voice, the song will never set the charts alight and I can’t see it representing Georgia.

My score: 4.5/10

  1. Maliibu- “We Live Once”

Spoken word at the start gives this song an interesting hook, and is also different to Armenia’s 2016 entry intro.  R’n’B ballad by numbers, productions is not overly impressive, yet Maliibu’s voice really elevates the song and is the best I have heard so far.

My score: 6.5/10

  1. The Mins- “Crime”

This is trying to put itself firmly in the Pop-Rock genre, similarities at the start to Softengine’s 2014 entry are apparent.  Yet there is something missing in this song, maybe once performed luve it will all fall into place for me.  Not a stand out song at this moment in time but a solid entry.

My score: 5.5/10

  1. Tako Gachechiladze- “Keep the Faith”

Starts off very musical theatre, Tako has a great voice.  It is to dramatic for me, as I know for the first two minutes it is a single vocal and a lot of acting will take place in the live performance.  The song only really picks up with the introduction of the backing vocals, but by this stage I switched off and feel a lot others will do the same.

My score: 4/10

  1. Temo Sajaia- “All The Same”

Temo’s raspy vocals are interesting and the lyrics to “All the Same” are decent, the English at least is half decent.  The song sounds a little like a theme to a daytime soap opera and that really doesn’t help.  It isn’t a song any country would send to an International song contest.

My score: 2.5/10

  1. Miriam Chachkiani- “Fly”

R’n’B ballad with good vocals, it is a slow build, but there are some interesting elements to the song.  It needs a rework as it has potential to do well, at this moment there are better songs to choose from.

My score:  6/10

  1. Mariko Lezhava- “Light It Up”

Starts off sounding like a song from an Ellie Goulding or even Coldplay album.  It them picks up the tempo and becomes a lot more contemporary.  This song is the first I have heard that could go to Eurovision as it is, yet with some work this could be a fantastic entry for Georgia.

My score: 8/10

  1. Misha Sulukhia- “Magic”

Electronica done badly!  The song goes nowhere, and I find the backing track very annoying.  This song will not win and in Eurovision it would get completely lost.

My score: 1.5/10

  1. Nanuka Giorgobiani- “Let the Sunshine In”

This sounds like a cheap 70/80’s disco track in the beginning, a genre of music I personally love yet cant warm to this at all.  The song then starts to mix music genres and it just become a big jumbled mess of noises, Nanuka’s vocals are good, but listening to all those different sounds makes it painful in the end.

My score: 2/10

  1. Nino Basharuli- “Lileo”

This reminds me of Georgia’s 2008 entry “Peace Will Come”, it the same feel to it.  The main difference is that 2008’s entry builds to a great crescendo whereas this doesn’t.  There is very little dynamism in the song which leaves it somewhat boring for the listener. Nino has a great voice, just deserves a better song.

My score: 3.5/10

  1. Nutsa Buzaladze- “White Horses Run”

The first minute builds to what you think will be a great dubstep influenced number.  It then reverts to a mid-tempo ballad and goes nowhere.  The song is promising, but at this moment it is too repetitive.

My score: 5.5/10

  1. Oto Nemsadze & Group Limbo- “Dear God”

For a rock song, that goes nowhere in its three minutes is very underwhelming.  There is no hook to the song and the lead vocal is hard to listen to at times, we will all say “Dear God” if this wins.

My score: 1.5/10

  1. Rati Durglishvilli- “Why”

A very 90’s style ballad, in the style of George Michael or even Marti Pellow.  There is nothing wrong with the song, and Rati’s vocals are fantastic on the studio version.  The song is just dated and if it won the National final it could possibly qualify at Eurovision but wouldn’t trouble the top 10.

My score: 5.5/10

  1. Sabina Chantouria- “Stranger”

Has a great beat, somewhat country in its compostion, reminds me of a Carrie Underwood song?  I enjoy Sabina’s voice, the fragile nature of it works well as a contrast to the genre and makes it far more interesting.  Could do well.

My score: 7/10

  1. Sparkle- “On the Top”

This is a bit dated, but I do find myself dancing and singing along to it, which can only be a good sign.  What will be most interesting will be to see if the three girls can sing live.  If they can then this is one of the few songs that could go to Kyiv.  The rap break in the last minute of the song is very similar though, I wish I could say what it reminds me of.  Contender.

My score: 7.5/10

  1. Tornike Kipiani & Giorgi Bolotashvilli- “You Are My Sunshine”

What is it with Georgia and rock music?  I understand that they done well with the genre last year, but most of the National final is filled with bland non-descript rock songs just like this.  This will not go anywhere.

My score: 3/10

  1. Trio Mandili- “Me Da Shen”

I love the chanting at the start, and then it goes irreverently into a more ethnic upbeat song that will bring people to their feet.  If Georgia is going to go ethnic this year, this is the song, and they could pick a lot worse songs to represent them.

My score: 7.5/10

What is apparent from listening to this collection of songs is that they really do not need a 25 song final.  A 5-7 song final would be sufficient as I feel a lot of these are not good enough to progress to Eurovision.  Although that is not to say there aren’t great songs, as you can see from my scores, I definitely have some clear favourites, below you can see my top 3.

My Top Three:

  1. Mariko Lezhava- Light It Up

2= Sparkle- On the Top

2= Trio Mandili- Me Da Shen

Make sure you tune in, on Friday 20th to find out.


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