Switzerland’s looking for a star

Switzerland are always keen when it comes to choosing their representative, having 20 songs compete in the Live Check stage of their selection process this year, where an expert jury whittled them down to the final 6 songs.  These final 6 will compete in their National Final tonight.

The following six songs are those that made it through the preliminary round, and this is my opinion on who I believe should represent Switzerland.


Freschta- “Gold”

What cannot be denied is that Freschta has a good voice, with raspy undertones, that can make any song instantly intriguing.  Unfortunately for me this song is far too repetitive and goes nowhere either lyrically or structurally.  It is a decent entry but really nothing to write home about and when it comes to it, a Eurovision song needs to have impact.

My score: 5/10


Timebelle- “Apollo”

Returning for a second bite of the apple is the band Timebelle.  After their second-place finish in Die Entscheidungsshow 2015, they have come back hoping to go one better, and I think they can do it. Miruna Manescu’s strong vocals coupled with the obvious RnB elements help to make it a more interesting song for the listener. It is not without its faults, one element that does need work is the harmonies, they are not sounding as strong as they need to be. I believe that once on stage and production is ramped up it will make more of an impact.

My score: 7.5/10


Ginta Biku- “Cet Air La (That Tune)”

Ginta brings us an interesting pop song, with the only entry that is not solely in English.  There is something missing from the song, personally I think the song needs a bit of a re-arrangement, yet, like Timebelle this could benefit from the production that the National Final can provide.  The vocals are O.K. but do need strengthened, although the harmonies are good in parts.  Not the worst, and has space to improve.

My score: 6.5/10


Shana Pearson- “Exodus”

I love the start of this song, and the vocals are as good as I have heard from many an artist in Eurovision.  Yet as soon as the song really picks up the vocals are completely all over the place and the harmonies are non-existent.  The song gives me vibes of Imagine Dragons, Radioactive in the chorus before breaking into the EDM beat in the verses.  The vocals need a lot of work, but I’ll use the word, ‘Potential’.

My score: 6/10


Michèle- “Two Faces”

Switzerland always have a final that includes a song you just think ‘WTF were the judges thinking’ , for me it’s this one.  The lyrics are just nonsensical, I mean her two faces are Sugar and SALT, or is it SOUL!!!!! Honestly?  Whatever it is, it makes little sense.  This is a shame as I do quite enjoy the backing track, even if it is a bit cheap, and the vocals are not the worse either.  Yet it is unfathomable to think that this got through to the final,  was there not even one other song they could have put through instead?  Not a winner.

My score: 4.5/10


Nadya- “The Fire in the Sky”

Nadya’s voice is so dark and arresting and the song itself is very much in that vein.  This really should mean it is a sure-fire winner for me personally.  Yet there is just something that isn’t gelling for me.  The song is quite flat in its structure and does nothing to stir me emotionally, which really is the key factor to music, it should create a mood.  Not the worse, but I cannot see this progressing to Kyiv.

My scores: 5/10


Well I must say I don’t go into the Swiss selection expecting much and while some of the songs are non-starters for me there are a few songs that I can see in Kyiv, with a few tweaks of course.

My Top 3:

  1. Timebelle- Apollo
  2. Ginta Biku- Cet Air La (That Tune)
  3. Shana Pearson- Exodus



Good Luck to all participants, I hope one of my top three make it to Ukraine.  Who do you want to win?  Let me know in the comments below.


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