What’s their Objective? Spain is ready to Choose.

Objetivo Eurovision

February 11th will finally see the final of Objetivo Eurovision, Spain’s National Final for Eurovision 2017.  It took long enough for a date to be finalised, with Eurovision.tv first publishing their calendar with a February 1st date for Spain’s Final.  Nonetheless, it is happening now and we have received 6 entries vying for a spot in Kiev.  LeKlein won the Eurocasting, and therefore won a spot in the final and below are my thoughts on the 6 entries and who I think will go to Eurovision 2017.

1.       LeKlein- “Ouch!”

Anyone who has been following the Spanish selection will find this the most familiar song of the 6 as it was the Eurocasting winner.  It is a good modern ballad, even if the English lyrics are not perfect and the chorus is somewhat hard to listen to without questioning, when would you really use the word “ouch!”?  This has gone from a wildcard entry to a serious contender for the Spanish entry.

My score: 7.5/10 

2.       Maika- “Momento Critico (Critical Moment)”

I love Maika’s deep voice, rock music and a deep female vocal are always great bedfellows.  What I will say is that the song, while a decent rock song, is a bit dated.  Although I do enjoy it, I don’t think Spain will vote for this as there are more accessible songs in the selection.

My score: 5/10 

3.       Mirela- “Contigo”

There is no mistaking this as anything but a Spanish song.  It is catchy and has a good beat and is a decent example of a Latino pop song.  Yet I know that many Spanish fans feel this is too stereotypical.  Albeit, we know Mirela can perform, she is a veteran to Spanish national selections after all and has a good voice.  It should do well in the National Final, but it isn’t my winner.

My score: 6.5/10

4.       Paula Rojo- “Lo Que Nunca Fue”

This is a country inspired pop song and coupled with the Spanish language makes the song more interesting. Paula’s voice is fragile, not to dissimilar to that of Raquela’s voice from ESDM.  I just hope that Paula can pull off a good live vocal.  I enjoy the song, it builds gently but sort of keeps building and never reaches that climax I want in a song of this nature, although I understand that some people enjoy these songs to be quiet and gentle throughout.  A good song nevertheless.

My score:6/10 

5.       Mario Jefferson- “Spin My Head”

A catchy, inoffensive pop song, sung quite well by a cute guy.  How can it not win? I’ll tell you how.  The production is cheap, the lyrics are too repetitive and there is no real hook in the song.  It plods along nicely, but doesn’t reach where it wants to go as a dance track, the only feature that makes this bland affair at all interesting is the Spanish language lyrics interjected throughout the song, still not enough to make it a winner.

My score: 4/10

6.       Manel Navarro- “Do It for Your Lover”

This reminds me of Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song”.  It is a nice change in pace from all the other songs and has that tropical vibe that I haven’t heard in a Spanish song for a long time.  I usually wouldn’t look twice at songs like this, but up against the other songs in the final this stands out as being totally different.  That isn’t necessarily a good thing as in a larger field it may not fare as well.  Still this is a good song and could do well in the final.

My score: 7/10

Top 3:

1.       LeKlein- “Ouch!”

2.       Manel Navarro- “Do It For Your Lover”

3.       Mirela-  “Contigo”



This is not the strongest field of songs Spain has ever brought, and when you compare some of the songs here, to those in the Eurocasting, you must start asking, who is choosing the entries?  Javian and Fruela, the other Eurocasting finalists would have been far more acceptable and the exclusion of Brequette from even the automatic finalists is a real shot in the foot by RTVE.  They are not totally out of the game, if they choose LeKlein they may be in with a decent shot at getting a mid-table result, one thing I can say is, Eurovision is not going to Madrid next year. 

What do you think, who do you wish will win?  Let us know below!!


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