There is bad Karma, then there is Italy.

Last night saw the 67th edition of the Sanremo festival, Italy’s biggest music festival.  The inspiration for our beloved Eurovision, finished on a high after 5 night’s of great music, interviews and special guests.

Lele won the newcomers section with the soulful “Ora Mai” while last year’s winner of the same prize, went one further and won the main prize ‘Big Artist Section”.

Francesco Gabbani was making waves on social media all of Sanremo week with his performance of “Occidentali’s Karma” and this culminated in his win in the Superfinal at the Teatro Ariston.

Francesco has now accepted the ticket to Kyiv and along with his gorilla friend he will head to Ukraine in May.

This has the potential to do very well at Eurovision, it is catchy, well sung and I can guarantee you that not one other act will have a dancing gorilla.  We will all be doing that dance

What do you think of “Occidentali’s Karma” is Francesco your favourite or do you think the Gorilla is too gimmicky?  Let us know below.


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