Ready to shine, Poland are about to choose!

Tomorrow night sees the 2017 edition of Krajowe Eliminacje, where 10 acts will compete to win the opportunity of representing Poland at this years Eurovision in Kyiv, Ukraine.
There are some familiar faces in this selection, last years finalist Kasia Mos is back to see if she can go one further and 2010 Polish representative Marcin Mrozinski (a.k.a. Martin Fitch) trying to do what only Ich Troje has been able to achieve and represent the Slavic Nation twice.
I have listened to the finalist and below are my views on the songs and my prediction on who I think will win.

Agata Nizinska- “Reason”

This song is experimental, it doesn’t fit perfect into any genre, it’s slightly jazzy, pop and R’n’B.  It has a great message, about a mistress that doesn’t want to be the “Reason” behind her lovers divorce.  Her voice is great on the studio version, I just hope that live she can deliver, if so she could do very well.  This is not just another love song, its unique elements in production elevates it.

My score: 6.5/10

Aneta Sablika- “Ulalala”

This has a tropical vibe to it, quite like a song you would hear on a beach in Ibiza.  The melody at the start reminds me of the “Cup Song”, a global phenomenon a couple of years ago.  It then descends into a very loungey sound, which I don’t hate, but the lyrics don’t help the song as they are repetitive and there are only so many times I can listen to the refrain of “Oh! La La La”.  Not a bad song, but wouldn’t be a deserving winner in my eyes.

My score: 5/10

Carmell- “Faces”

This reminds of “Hear Them Calling” but it is a lot more restrained, not stripped back, as the production is good on this song, but more reserved.  I love Carmell’s voice and the lyrics are fantastic.  It has an ethnic feel, while not being to divisive.  The last minute could do with a bit of lift to make it slightly more memorable, but I do enjoy this, and will certainly listen again.

My score: 7/10

Isabell Otrebus-Larsson- “Voiceless”

Predictable lyrics about war, violence and troubles in the world today put to a pop ballad.  This is what Salena in the U.K. should have done. The track fits the lyrics better and there is a thoughtfulness to the song.  She can sing and the song is well produced, but I don’t feel enough emotion while listening and therefore can’t commit to the song as much as I could.

My score: 6/10

Kasia Mos- “Flashlight”

Back for another try at getting to Eurovision, what can be said with much confidence is that Kasia Mos certainly has her own sound.  This is not overly different to her entry last year “Addiction”,  “Flashlight” is a R’n’B ballad infused with classical instrumentation.  She can sing, and the sporadic moments of spoken word make the song more interesting to listen to, but not necessarily enjoyable.  It could win, but I wouldn’t bet on it personally.

My score: 5/10

Lanberry- “Only Human”

Another tropical sounding song, but unlike Aneta, this is not as cheap or disposable.  This has a contemporary feel, it borders on lounge, yet stays on the right side of that.  This is the best chance Poland has so far.  It doesn’t have the instant appeal Margaret had last year, but I don’t think that is a hindrance when the song, in my opinion, is better than “Cool Me Down”.

My score: 8.5/10

Martin Fitch- “Fight For Us”

Eurovision alumni is back, albeit rebranded as Martin Fitch.  Marcin Mrozinski represented Poland in 2010 with “Legenda” but failed to qualify for the Grand Final, to the surprise of many fans.  This is a complete contrast to that entry, “Fight For Us” is a mid-tempo ballad about the world as it is presently and the fact that there is more good than bad for us to take advantage of.  Martin can sing live, we know that, but the production on this isn’t the best, and it plods along with little dynamism to make me invest in the composition.  His name (or face) will carry him far in Krajowe Eliminacje, but as we know with Poland, being famous/popular doesn’t guarantee a win.

My score: 6.5/10

Olaf Bressa- “You Look Good”

This has a soul sound to it, almost a watered down version of the Northern Soul classics we heard the 60’s and 70’s.  Olaf looks good, and sounds great in the studio version, but the backing track just seems to loop and I lose interest.  I wish the song picked up in the last minute, but there is no redeeming qualities to this.  Good Luck Olaf, not a winner.

My score: 3/10

Paulla- “Chce tam z Toba byc”

00’s R’n’B, with added synthisised sounds for good measure. Nothing about this song appeals to any facet of my being, at least the music video looks expensive, because it makes up for the cheap song.  Not going to Kyiv.

My score: 2.5/10

Rafal Brzozowski- “Sky Over Europe”

From 00’s R’n’B to the 90’s version of the genre.  Although this is more in the vein of Boyz 2 Men.  It is a saccharine ballad about the troubles that Europe are facing and how they can all be fixed with love and mutual respect.  This is typical old-school Eurovision, and while the contest has moved on from this type of music, this could win in Poland as it is inoffensive and reminds me a bit of the sentiment that “Colour of You Life” had.

My score: 3/10

 It is a mixed bag from Poland, but their is a couple of songs that could bring a good result for Poland, they just need to choose wisely.

My Top 3:

1.       Lanberry- “Only Human”

2.       Carmell- “Faces”

3.       Martin Fitch- “Fight For Us”


Who is your winner? Let us know below and enjoy the show.


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