Back in the fold: Romania is ready to choose

Selecția Națională 2017

After the drama of last year in which Romania were disqualified after choosing their entry has ow been put behind us all.  On Sunday 5th one act hopes the will fly the flag of Romania in Kyiv and bring back the trophy for the first time.

Let us see if we have a potential winner of Eurovision here.

Ana-Maria Mirica- “Spune-mi tu”

Ana-Maria has a great rock voice and she shows it off in this song.  The problem is the song is dated, it reminds me of a 90’s rock/angst song and I can’t see this winning the final.

My score: 5/10

Ilinca feat. Alex Florea- “Yodel It!”

This is Yodel in the Canyon of Love 2017 version.  It is different and that will of course stand out.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Romania picked this as they do go for ebtries that a very left field.  This would not be a Eurovision winner.

My score: 5.5/10

Eduard Santha- “Wild Child”

This is so creepy at the start speaking into the camera.  The English lyrics are bad and turn me off completely.  It tries to be experimental, but it just falls flat. 

My score: 3.5/10

Xandra- “Walk On By”

This is a song that would have done great at the contest 15 years ago.  The contest has moved on so much and this is very much a re-jury Eurovision entry.

My score: 4.5/10

MIHAI- “I Won’t Surrender”

Back after last year’s fantastic song “Paradisio” MIHAI returns with a slower ballad.  He does have a great voice, although I feel it is strained at times throughout this song.  This is very similar to Omar Naber in Slovenia.  Who wins in that battle?  MIHAI.  Not a masterpiece but defitiely one of the better songs on offer.

My score: 6.5/10

Maxim feat. Nicolae Voiculet- “Adu-ti aminte”

What is this song trying to be?  It is like an R’n’B song infused with pan pipes, how does anyone think that this is a good idea.

My score: 2/10

Tavi Colen & Emma- “We Own the Night”

This is like a duet between Kelly Clarkson and Bono, it tries to be happy clappy.  It just falls flat in the performance and in the vocals.  They may be having fun, but I am not.

My score: 4/10

Instinct- “Petale”

This is a dated ballad, with hints of 80’s electric guitar thrown in.  They are good singers and harmonise well, but they seem completely stiff and there is no chemistry.

My score: 4.5/10

Romona Nerra- “Save Me”

Well this is an appreciated inject of fun into the contest.  Romona has a decent voice, it I capable of pulling of this house number, if this went to the contest as it is it could well make the top 10 as we are still missing a good up tempo female lead song.

My score: 7/10

Cristina Vasiu- “Set the Skies on Fire”

Are the lasers coming from her shoes? Seriously?  Cristina has a fantastic voice, and the song again like most songs in this selection, it is dated.  Saying that, this has a great build and her voice really does help you to invest in the song.  She could do with hitting a few of the high notes, but this has potential.

My score: 6/10


Well it is a mixed bag in Romania.  They always bring something unique to the stage and they are always successful doing it.


My top 3:

1.       Romona Nerra

2.       MIHAI

3.       Cristina Vasiu

Who is your favourite?  Let us know below, enjoy the show. 😀


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