Iceland is looking for a Pearl in their 30th year!

Songvakeppnin 2017


Iceland have had varied degrees of success in Eurovision, from being a Runner up to finish near the bottom of a Semi Final.  This year sees Iceland’s 30th participation and still the only Northern European country never to win the contest.  Will this be an anniversary year to remember for the Island Nation?

Let’s find out.


Aron Hannes Emilsson- “Tonight”

This is very loungey, quite reminiscent of Lauri from this year’s UMK.  It is contemporary and very dance, which will help in what seems a ballad heavy year.  I just don’t think this is reaching the heights that it wants to achieve.  Certainly, could win, but I don’t know if this is the best of the bunch.

My score: 6/10

Arnar Jonsson & Rakel Palsdottir- “Again”

This is very music theatre, it has that slow build and you know it is going to have a strong finish.  Arnar and Rakel’s voices complement each other beautifully, they are crystal clear and they pronunciate perfectly.  It just feel and sounds a little boring to me and doesn’t give me what I want from a song of this genre.  Good luck to them, but not a winner.

My score: 5.5/10

Aron Brink- “Hypnotised”

It is very tropical and that feeling certainly comes through the screen to me.  It is quite contemporary, and wouldn’t be out of place on charts across Europe.  Aron can perform this well as we have seen.  It is upbeat and fun which is never a bad thing at Eurovision.  This is one of the biggest contenders, it is a bit juvenile, but that doesn’t make it bad.

My score: 7.5/10

Hildur Kristin Sefansdottir- “Bammbaramm”

Ok this is trying to channel artist like The Chainsmokers.  It is contemporary and radio friendly, which ultimately is the criteria that Eurovision juries need to be looking for, yet I can’t see this making any sort of impact.  It is an inoffensive pop song, but a bit bland and repetitive.   Not a winner.

My score: 5/10

Runar Eff Runarsson- “Make Your Way Back Home”

Oh hey Runar 😃!! Handsome man with a pop rock ballad is not a bad combination.  He certain can sing, but the song just doesn’t go anywhere.  It is very much a late 90/00’s song.  The contest has moved on from this type of song.  I wish him well, but I can’t see this garnering enough votes.

My score: 5.5/10

Svala Bjorgvinsdottir- “Paper”

When I heard the first couple of beats I automatically thought of Aminata, Latvia 2015.  Thereafter  Svala opens her mouth and I am automatically convinced that Robyn (Carlsson) has entered the Icelandic National final.  This is a fabulous song, the lyrics have such a deep meaning and Svala’s vocals are the perfect accompaniment to them.  This is contemporary while being experimental.  This could give Iceland their first Eurovision win.  I will stand against this prediction is Svala wins the National Final.

My score: 9.5/10

Dadi Freyr Petursson- “Is This Love?”

This is 80’s electronica but done in a good way.  Dadi’s voice is very low and really makes the song interesting to listen to.  I wouldn’t call this a winner, but it could upset the apple cart.

My score: 7/10


A real mixed bag, but if Iceland are savvy they could be on their way to their first victory.


My top 3:

  1. Svala Bjorgvinsdottir
  2. Aron Brink
  3. Dadi Freyr Petursson


Who is your favourite?  Let us know below.  Enjoy the show.


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